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When you give to RHC, you become part of something bigger than yourself - you help build God’s Kingdom on earth - in countless ways.

Nested Applications

Online Giving Description

Online Giving:

Check out this video!

How does it work:

-      Click HERE!

-      Enter amount of donation

-      Select fund

-      Enter your email address

-      Enter payment details

-      Select “Give”


To View Payment History & Manage your Account:

-      Click here:

-      Click “Login” on the top left

-      Enter your email address

-      A link will be immediately emailed to you; click on that link

-      You will then be able to update/view the following:

o   Contact information

o   Payment Methods

o   Manage your recurring donations

o   View donation history

o   Download statements

Text giving description


- Text 84321 with any amount in the message field

- You will receive a link, click on that link

- Scroll down and select our church

- Enter your email address

- Select the payment method

- Congratulations you are done!!! 


$0.00 WH                     to give to the Whittier Hills Campus General Fund 

$0.00 Benevolence         to give to the Benevolence Fund 

$0.00 Missions              to give to the Undesignated Missions Fund


Text HELP to 84321 at any time for assistance. 

Text STOP to 84321 to cancel your account. 

Recurring Giving

Recurring Giving:

Watch this VIDEO


How does it work:

-      Click here:

-      Enter amount of donation

-      Select fund

-      Select occurrence

-      Set preferences for your recurring payments

-      Enter your email address

-      Enter payment details

-      Select “Give”

Sunday morning giving description


Every Sunday at the RHC Whittier Hills campus during services we offer a time where you can give.  You can donate by cash or check.  If you donate cash and would like a receipt, please use one of the envelopes which you can find in the seat back pockets in the Worship Center.